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Issue 59 August 2009

Translated as the ‘poor’ or ‘needy’, these people have some money, but not sufficient for their everyday needs.


The elderly are often amongst the ‘fuqaraa’. Age Concern and Help the Aged have collaborated to form a single organisation dedicated to improving the lives of older people.The Prophet Muhammad said “He is not one of us who does not show tenderness to the young and who does not show respect to the elder.” (At-Tirmidhi).

It is a sad fact that the elderly tend to be neglected in today’s society. According to recent research, older people are among the most excluded and materially worse off in the UK.  Zakat money given to Age Concern and Help the Aged contributes towards preventing poverty and ensuring that older people have the maximum income possible. Together, the two charities are the UK’s largest provider of services for people over the age of 50, touching the lives of more than 327,000 people every week.



  • Click the links below to read about each of the eight beneficiaries of Zakat.>

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