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Issue 59 August 2009

These are the debtors, people burdened by debts because of personal needs or social necessity. These people are given zakat if they do not have enough money beyond their basic needs to repay debts. Help is also provided to those who may have landed themselves in debt as a result of social obligations such as supporting an orphan or renovating a school. 


The ‘gharimun’ are assisted by organisations such as Jubilee Debt Campaign, which works to cancel debt and free developing countries to take control of their own future.

Muslim countries are particularly affected by debt. Indonesia repays $2 million every hour. Bangladesh, Pakistan and Lebanon all spend more money servicing debts than they do providing their own people with healthcare. Today, these countries face another threat: Vulture Funds. Vulture Funds are investment companies that buy up the debt of poor countries and then sue them for immediate payment of the full debt, plus interest and fees. These companies extort millions in profits from the poorest countries in the world. The Jubilee Debt Campaign works towards stopping this practice which it deems as unfair and unjust.


Click the links below to read about each of the eight beneficiaries of Zakat.>


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