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The Bedtime Story

The Bedtime Story

Bedtime stories have always been a staple tradition within my family set up; it was something I grew up with and it is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing with my...

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Diary of a Manic Mum Seaside escapades

 Seaside escapades “Mum,we have to dig deep you know. If we keep going we’ll get to Austria, on the other side of the world.” It was one of...

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Heaven Sent

Death is a part of  understanding life and it was inevitable that I would have to discuss it with my younger children eventually. That discussion was however...

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Nappies No More

I never thought I would miss nappies. I remember the elation I felt when my youngest child was finally toilet trained, thinking I had freed myself from the expense and...

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Little Green Fingers

It all started with a seed, an apple seed in fact. Hiba had excavated it from her apple core and was now examining it inquisitively. “What’s this?”...

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Hairy Tales

It was that dreaded time again: a chop for the children. In other words, a haircut. In the past, I have always managed to perform the DIY coiffure job at home,...

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Diary of a Manic Mum